I’ve been passionately designing accessories for 7 years, creating beautiful, functional, and innovative products for the global brand, lululemon, as well as freelancing for suppliers + startups. My approach to design thinking and concept development is inspired by a strong sense of mindfulness which allows me to be present while sketching, prototyping, and fitting samples as well as working with others. I’m highly capable of realizing concepts through to production. I lean into collaboration because I know it truly takes a team to bring an idea to market, and I believe that building trusting relationships with cross-functional partnerships is the key to discovering new ideas. My leadership style is one of advocating for personal and professional development.

My strengths include: project management, strategic planning, creative direction, styling, trend research, and mentoring. Additional design skills include hand-sketching, technical drawings, specs, trim and fabric design, graphic design, colour and pattern design, in-house and overseas sample fittings, packaging design, and factory communications.
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